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Will "Phase" change DJing forever? No stylus, needles, or time code vinyl needed (Part 2)

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

The first BLOG post had generic info, but we now know more details about how this device works and the parts involved, so here's part 2 with more details and video.

The two remote units that go on the turntable spindles use a charging station that doubles as an interface/receiver that connects to your DJ mixer using RCA cables (remote units have a 10 hour charge, and need to be charged for one hour).

Are you ready to try this new tech for yourself? If it proves to be good enough for LIVE DJ applications (like actual gigs), it could mean you can use your turntables again, save A LOT of money on expensive control vinyl, DJ cartridges and needles. Oh, and by the way, if Phase goes down for any reason or batteries run out, you could always use your old control vinyl and needles as a back-up to Phase to keep the party goin'!.

I was amazed at the scratching after watching this NEW VIDEO and did NOT notice latency being an issue whatsoever

Check out the video below to see this amazing device in action that could revolutionize DJing as we know it today.

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For more info on this product check out their website https://www.phase-project.com/

Click HERE to check the current AMAZON price (paid link).

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