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The end of DJ Needles and Cartridges for DJs?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Phase is the new product taking the 2018 NAMM by storm.

Phase lets you control your DVS without using a turntable cartridge or a timecode control vinyl. DJs all over NAMM are claiming this is the most steady and accurate product they have ever used (I saw a clip of legendary DJ Q-Bert testing this out and he looked impressed!). Phase contains two small remotes and dock. The small remotes resemble small flash drives with holes to fit around the turntable spindle and LED cue marker. The dock consist or 2 RCA in and outs and USB Port.

The simple plug and play device can be connected to any DVS setup. Simply plug the dock to your turntable or audio interface through the line out and place the remote on the platter on top of the vinyl. You don't actually need “control vinyl,” any vinyl will do (since the system recognizes back and forth MOVEMENT. You can even take the thing OFF the turntable platter, as we saw in some of the sneak peak videos, and it will still work!).

This technology could be the demise of the turntable tone arm and needle. Are we as DJ's ready to give up the feel of putting a needle on the record? Watching the interviews at NAMM this device could be ready for the market as early as this summer and for the price point of $200-$300 for the unit.

I think DJs will jump all over this new technology. I for one will purchase one to test and see how accurate this product really is.


This thing is definitely REVOLUTIONARY, but this product needs to be time tested BEFORE it can be used in real-life DJ set-ups (not just for scratch sessions).

How is the quality, and will this product last? Will the batteries last? If so, for how long? Can the batteries be replaced easily? Will there be compatibility issues? What if it fails during a gig?

All these questions and more need to be answered before DJs start taking this new product seriously.

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For more info on this product check out their website https://www.phase-project.com/

(Written by Jaeson Ramirez, posted by permission)

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