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How to get more DJ gigs (Promo Tools - DJ Drops)

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

How to get MORE DJ gigs is one of the MOST asked questions we get daily. One tool you can use to promote yourself is DJ drops...

DJ drops are ONE WAY to stamp your mixes you give away online or offline so other people can't claim they did the mix (or remix). This happens a lot in the DJ world (someone taking credit for someone else's mixes or remixes).

Below are the most popular ways DJs used custom DJ drops:

  • On their online mixes (Mixcloud, etc. etc.)

  • On Remixes they produced

  • CD mixes for giveaways

  • Live applications or used during transitions at events

  • Used by radio DJs (online or terrestrial)

If you upload mixes on Mixcloud or other platforms, DJ drops are also a way to help promote YOUR mixes to stand out from the rest, and give you credit for a mix they hopefully like (and hire you to DJ an event).

Believe it or not, some people still use CDs, and giving away your mixes with your DJ drops is also a popular way to stand out, even in the digital era. The reason this is MORE effective than uploading a mix online and sharing it, is because your fan/potential client will be more likely to see the CD more often (in their car, home, etc), so the top of mind awareness is increased as opposed to another mix they heard online.

If you're looking for professional, custom DJ drops check out the video below.


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