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Is "PHASE" just a phase?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

There was a lot of speculation about PHASE initially, as most DJs had not yet tried the new technology. Now that it's been a while since the actual launch and it seems the dust has settled, we wanted to go over what the facts are so far about PHASE- and if it's only a "phase," or here to stay.

The idea behind PHASE was to solve these issues for DJs who use turntables:

1) Worrying about buying control vinyl (wear and tear, scratches, etc.), and replacement

2) Keeping up with needles (wear and tear, dirty needles), and replacement

3) Bad connections from needle to the turntable (licking the back for better contact, or cleaning them with an eraser), weak signal into DVS systems (Serato, Traktor, etc.)

4) Bass vibrations from speakers in loud environments affecting the signal of control vinyl

5) other problems...

Although many of these problems have been resolved by the PHASE system, a new set of problems have been experienced by some DJs using PHASE, such as:

1) Bad or almost non-existent customer support

2) Issues with connectivity

3) Battery issues (not charging, battery life, etc.)

4) Tracking issues

5) Trouble when switching DJs in nightclub setting (hooking it up, taking it down, etc.)

6)And other misc. issues...

Many DJs have reported they LOVE using PHASE and have not had issues. The company that developed PHASE claims remotes placed on the turntable have a 10 hour battery life (although MOST gigs take less then 10 hours to complete). Many DJs are super-happy using it so far, which is a GREAT sign. And the manufacturer claims many of the problems noted above will be fixed through fixes in firmware updates they are currently working on.

So is it ONLY a phase?

I don't think so...here's why:

The manufacturer of PHASE, a company called MWM, did their own funding as well as crowd-funding from DJs, which shows you they had limited resources, and did what they could within their means to put out the best viable product they could. What this also tells us, along with the lack of GOOD customer service, is that they are probably severely under-funded- with a great idea and good intentions. Sadly, good intentions can't buy you what they're lacking, including much better funding to put out a better, more dependable product (and customer service too!). Aside from that, think about the technology, and the fact that is solves SO many DJ problems (as listed above).

So what if all of the bugs and fixes DJs have been complaining about- including customer service problems- were all resolved, and the product was DJ proof and MUCH more dependable (and gig ready)? MVM could do this soon, and if not, other companies might take the idea, replicate the technology and make it BETTER. The idea still remains, this product/idea can revolutionize turntable DJing...

IF this particular product, or technology, was fine-tuned and 99% reliable, this could be a game-changer for DJs who LOVE the vinyl feel with turntables, but don't wanna worry about control vinyl, needles, and all other issues previously mentioned.

So YES I think the PHASE technology is here to stay but it will take time...The same way old DVS systems like Final Scratch were taken over by Serato Scratch LIVE. Once Scratch Live by Serato fixed their bugs and became much more stable and built trust among DJs, it took off like wildfire, and changed the DJ game- and EVERYONE got on Serato.

A similar phenomenon has happened with electric cars. Tesla recently changed the game by putting electric cars on the forefront of car tech, and also in the mind of the American consumer. So it is no surprise that now most car manufacturers are following the trend, and expanding their plans for electric cars in the very near future- they don't want to lose out.

And so the idea is the same with PHASE...now it's just a matter of time before this technology takes over. Check the AMAZON price now Click HERE (paid link).

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What do YOU think? We welcome your comments and opinion.


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