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Is a Tip Jar Tacky?

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Do you think having a tip jar is tacky or unprofessional? This can go many ways. I currently use a tip jar at every venue I play at weekly. This is not a tacky move on my part. If people want to reward you for a job well done there is a place for them to be generous. Think about it this way you are only there one night to DJ. People fill the juke box with dollars and now credits via an app to play each song they want to hear. Does this happen when there is a live person DJing? No, It doesn't. The people will request music all night without thinking twice about giving you a dollar per song. You may be asking yourself is the venue pay that low, that I need a tip jar? The answer is No.

When a person can walk up to you and ask for you to go out of you way to play a song they what to hear, there are many things they are not taking into consideration. We as DJs see this all the time. "Can you plug in my phone?," The answer is No! They also ask,"What are you playing next?"

Think about the next time some walks up to ask for a song and tells you to play it next. No, That does not happen. As DJ's we do take requests and we play what people ask for, but do they ever offer to give you a dollar per song? Of course not we live in a society where if you feel you are entitled to something and it is not free, habit has taught to reach in our pocket to pay for it. This how the Tip Jar works. A customer will walk up and say how much to play this request with the tip jar is in plain sight.

When the tip jar is full of dollars people tend to share more dollars to show their appreciation toward you and asking for a song. Keep in mind the customers shove money in a jukebox all week long. (re-posted by permission from Facebook, written by Jaeson Ramirez).

The tip jar can be a great thing at the right venue, but of course you have to use your best judgement if you should have one or not. Some clubs/bar owners might feel it is kind of tacky depending on the venue, and how much they are paying you for your services. At other places it can definitely help you out. Use your judgement. it depends on the venue and where you're DJing.

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