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Hurry call 911, its a DJ EMERGENCY!!

Are you a prepared DJ? What do you carry in your DJ bag in case of an Emergency!!

These are a few things I carry in my bag every time I leave the house to DJ.

1. An emergency USB drive -This consist of a few key files. I always have a copy my current DJ software and the install file. I carry a file with the latest drivers for my hardware and any updated firmware for CDJs and Controllers. I also have file with a Time Code Signal for the DJ Software I am using. I have a file with a few mixes of different genres. I have a few top hits folders for every genre and occasion to get through any emergency. This also has a wedding file on it with slow songs, entrances and line dances.

2. Cable adapters - This consists of any headphone adapters XLR, 1/4 plugs or RCA converters.

3. Cables - Extra XLR, 1/4, and RCA cables.

4. Toolkit - Emergency bag with precision screwdrivers, electrical tape, wire cutters, and zip ties.

5. External Hard drive back up - This consist of a back up your current files from your DJ hard drive in case anything goes wrong.

6. External Drive carrying case - external drives are very fragile and need to be secured at all times.

7. Power USB hub - This helps you connect more USB devices to your computer for Djing. For example a midi controller.

8. Aux to RCA cord - This helps you to connect an iPad or a Smartphone to an external channel if your computer freezes.

9. IPad, Tablet or Cell Phone on AirPlane Mode - Loading up these devices with a few premade mixes to use while you reboot your computer if it happens to freeze during a live gig.

10. Note Pad and Pen or Marker- This used for taking notes, writing down a request, and/or creating a mailing list.

What's in YOUR DJ bag??

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(Written by Jaeson Ramirez, posted with permission)

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