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How to get MORE DJ gigs

How to get more DJ gigs is one of the MOST asked questions we get daily, so we came up with lots of ways to help you do just that, and get more DJ gigs using these ideas.

Expand your musical horizons to get more DJ gigs...

Have you ever met a DJ who says things like, “I only mix hip-hop and R&B,” or, “I only play HOUSE music.” If you have, you should also know that is a SURE-FIRE way to get LESS gigs. To expand your horizons means also expanding your knowledge of other music genres and styles. You don’t have to be an “expert,” just know the go-to classics of at least 10-20 of the top tracks in these new genres. By casting a wider net so to speak, you will reach a wider audience which means more potential clients paying you good money to DJ for them.

This is the basic equation you have to understand:

More genres = MORE gigs and $$$ in your pocket!

Many DJs I know for example have expanded their music crates and delved into other genres they had never considered before…by expanding how they think, they opened themselves up to new opportunities. Examples include learning about country music, Arabic music, and Bollywood to name a few. As you expand what you play and your knowledge of different genres and WHICH songs to play, you will get MORE gigs. Let me give you ONE way this could happen.

Let’s say you’re DJing a wedding and someone comes and asks you for country music at a Hispanic wedding. At first you might be hesitant because you figure no one will like it. Once you play just half a country song a group of 20 get up from the corner of the hall and start line dancing. Then another 15 people join in, and then more and more join the party who were sitting down.

Even though you didn’t think it would work, it did, and after a couple songs you had the dancefloor goin’ crazy! Not only that, but one of the people who hit the dancefloor comes up and asks if you have a business card- because they will be getting married in 6 months- they love the music you’re playing and want to book you for THEIR wedding!

By expanding your horizons and trying something different, you just got yourself another gig.

Sure DJing is fun, but remember to DO YOUR JOB...

Remember one of the MOST important things about being a DJ- you’re there to provide entertainment for the client and guests FIRST, not for yourself! If you happen to have lots of fun while doing it, hey that comes with the territory. But always remember DJs are entertainers, and provide customer service for people. Do that, and you will ALWAYS have gigs.

The more genres you play the more GIGS you will get.

One sure-sign of this is the revolution of “open-format” DJs, who do not restrict their music selections but are open to almost all formats. Why has there been a surge is people calling themselves open-format? Because they noticed this GOT THEM MORE AND MORE GIGS!

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