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Do you get NERVOUS before Your gigs?? 4 Tips to help...

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

Most DJs get nervous before their DJ gigs (especially if they are NEW to DJing!). This is definitely normal! Think about it: you're going to a place where you've never been and are expected to rock the crowd to the fullest! There is A LOT of pressure to do a good job to get hired again and/or get more gigs-every second counts, and people (your crowd) is constantly judging your every move from the second you start your gig to when you finish.

There are also many unknowns for example: will your DJ gear hold up and not fail? Did you bring the right gear you need? Did you bring back-ups? Do you have the right music for this crowd? Will the crowd be into you and what you're playing? Are you gonna' have to deal with hecklers? etc etc...

I think DJing is one of the hardest jobs in the world, since there is a lot of pressure to get the job done right the first time (or you might not get a second chance to impress a client, crowd, club owner, bar manager, etc etc). You have to make sure your DJ gear is on point and that you play the right music for the right crowd at the right time, which can take many years of hard work and experience to master...NOT AN EASY TASK for anyone! (This is a work in progress by the way, and the important thing is to always strive to BE BETTER and learn from each and every gig your do, big or small!).

So what can YOU do, to NOT BE NERVOUS, or at least be LESS NERVOUS before your gigs?

Here's some tips:

- Make sure you prep your music for the specific gig. This means asking questions from the clients beforehand, and even getting list of songs they like and some they don't like, and making sure you come prepared. It can also mean going to a club/bar you're going to be DJing at, and checking out the vibe before hand on a different night to see what it's about. You can also talk to the regulars or bartenders about the music that works on different nights. It's kind of like you're doing research before hand, to accomplish you mission- which is to rock the crowd when it's YOUR TURN TO MIX!!

- Practice a lot, and then practice some more. The more you practice your mixing, scratching, or even your mic skills the better you will get, and this will help build your confidence (which means you will be LESS NERVOUS going into your gigs!). One quote I really like from the Gracie martial arts family is this, "The more your train and practice for your worst case scenario, means there is no worst case scenario." In DJ terms, this means the better you become and DJing for all kinds of different events for different age groups and crowds, the better you will be at handling any curve balls that get thrown at you while you're DJing.

- Your gear has to also be ready and in good working condition. This means you tried and tested your gear before the gig to make sure it will work as it should when you need it to. This means testing out mics, speakers, DJ controllers, lights, and any other gear BEFORE your gig.

- Got back-ups? Having ONLY plan A is not good enough...you always have to have at least plan A, B, C, and even D for DJ situations. One example is having an extra pair of headphones in case your headphones go out, or a back-up music source to play for your crowd if your computer crashes or freezes up on you during a gig. Come up with different plans so you are able to handle any potential DJ problems you can encounter.

Thanks for reading this blog article. If you found it helpful, please comment and give your tips and tricks/suggestions on how you deal with nervousness before or during gigs. Also make sure you sign up on our email list so you never miss a NEW blog post or DJ tutorial.


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