Why BE A BETTER DJ started...

The Facebook group and blog was started in order help other DJs get better, by sharing ideas and DJ knowledge and having it in a central place, which is this site/blog. Facebook is great, but after a day or two, a topic gets stale and the information can easily get lost. On this site/blog we can keep articles archived for later, and share any DJ info to help other DJs succeed!

We want this blog to help other DJs with tons of DJ knowledge and experience gathered through decades of combined years of gigs done by our DJ friends. We ask and interview our DJ friends who are successful about their journey, and how they were able to become to successful to the point where they DJ full-time.

Please make sure to share the info we put together, and sign up on our email list to stay up to date with ALL THE LATEST articles and info we will be putting out for you. We also encourage you to participate, comment, ask questions, and let us know if you have any questions we can help YOU answer related to the DJ world!


Vic Alva

(aka DJ Vicious V)


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